Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Thanks, All, for your friendship and support! Great to see Everyone out there this weekend. Could not have asked for better hospitality from the hosts, the warm welcome from the fellow vendors, and – especially – our great visitors. If you are still looking for “just the right gift” for the holidays, hit us up! We still have time for custom orders for things jewelry, wood, misc.

Seasonal Tree Sculpture

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I handcrafted each “branch” to create a Christmas tree for my wife’s parents. The leaves are stained poplar, and the base, spacers, and topper are cherry.  Creatively, they redecorate and rearrange it year-round. For the fall, they hang colorful leaves and owls on it. Each holiday season, they move the branches, decorate it with lights, and situate a train around its base. During the spring, small flowers sit on each branch.

Woodworks, meadworks, jewelry, adult cupcakes, wedding officiations, and general mayhem where appropriate